QS in Lugano: Perfect Weekend Getaway

To find a good weekend getaway spot can sometimes be challenging. You don’t want to go somewhere too exciting because you won’t have time to see all there is to see and you’ll end up with a super cramped schedule. On the other side, you don’t want to go somewhere super boring because, well, you run the risk of being Miranda on her honeymoon. Hehe, love a SATC reference when I can sneak one in. So what makes Lugano so good? Well first of let me start with the fact that the Ticino region has got be one of the most beautiful in Switzerland. Lugano is a small lakeside city with lots of indoor and outdoor activities, and is only 30 minutes away from the heaven that is Lake Como.

We stayed here around April so it was a little chilly and there were not many tourists, which was a pleasant surprise. The boat tour we took of the lake was almost empty, so we got some good pictures (don’t you hate posing in front of a bunch of people? no? just me?). The city is of course super clean and there are a few places I think are really worth mentioning. Firstly the Parco Civico. You see that gate that looks like it leads to heaven? Yea, we spotted it in this park.

Lugano Parco Civico

Parco Civico

Now this being the Italian speaking part of Switzerland and all, I understand if you expect me to go on and on about all the amazing food I ate allll day long. Well my friends, yes, there was one place that we went to every single day, and we actually strayed from for a “fancier” place one time and were super disappointed. It’s called Bottegone del Vino. I have come to a conclusion that the simpler the food is, the better it is. There have been too many Michelin starred disappointments and its always better when its cooked with love.

Lugano Bottegone del vino restaurant

Bottegone del Vino

And simple it was. Every day there was a different menu, everything that you could expect – some meat, some fish, some pasta/risotto or ravioli. Everything was delicious and the service? We came in the second day in a row and were asked if we wanted our table from the evening before. Oh well there were probably hardly any people, you think, but no, it was filled to the max. And when a place is filled with Italian locals, well I can just stop typing right now.

Lugano Bottegone del vino restaurant

Bottegone del vino interior

The following day we decided to go on the lake tour. Since this part of Switzerland borders Italy, you technically travel from Switzerland to Italy and back all in 30 minutes. There is a little Italian commune that the boat passes called Campione D’italia. Lots of little cafe’s and restaurants; a small lakeside town.

Lake LuganoLake Lugano Campione D'italia

Campione D’italia

Next time I would love to travel to this little part of Italy enclosed by Switzerland on all sides and explore a little bit. The lack of glamour tells me there are sure to be some great people and of course food. There were several little homes we passed that looked totally isolated, some seemingly abandoned, some not. Now I love me some privacy, but it’s fascinating to me how one can choose to live so far away (by today’s standards) from the city.

Lake Lugano

Lake Lugano

As for the town itself, there was definitely some interesting architecture, and cute little cafe’s all over the place, but I loved the cozy streets the most.

Lugano street

There are lots of activities that we missed like hiking the Mount Brè and the Olive Tree Trail or mountain biking along the region. But all in all it was a wonderful experience, and if you are looking for a peaceful, beautiful getaway then Lugano is definitely a place to consider!


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