Healthy Pancakes !!!

Pancakes for Breakfast!!

Hi guys today I decided that I would share with you one of my favorite easy to make pancakes recipe their low-calorie home protein end wheat free I have been missing pancakes for a while end I thought it was time for me to do something about it so you will need the following three things one container of liquid egg whites which contains 15 headlights then you’ll need one right banana end one-quarter of a cup of buckwheat flour for step you take up the banana in a large bowl end mash it up into pray you add the buckwheat flour end the liquid egg whites you take the beater end you beat it until it is thick fluffy end it starts to cut a bubble on the top you know it is ready to be made to our skillet preheated end spray a little bit of olive oil take a little bit of the butter end place on the skillet. Make sure to flip them a few times until they are nice and firm and there’s no more liquid left. Top them off with some fresh Fruit, maple syrup or some sugar-free jam enjoy !!!!

This recipe makes about 12 to 15 pancakes and each pancake is about 37 cal.

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