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So you might be wondering as you read this, where are the delicious food pictures and tales of wandering the town? Well, it’s not going to work out that this time, friends. But don’t be so quick to leave me here! What I have for you today is, of course, advice about Geneva and where to stay, eat, and play. But also… I kind of just got these beautiful new shoes, and, well, its pretty much going to be about me and my new shoes. But hey! This is our blog! This is why you love us so =). OK, so, about the important stuff. Dun dun dun…

Dun dun dun… BAM

Oh yea baby. So let me give you a little back story, because I know you just love when I sit and babble about nonsense. Ok not nonsense, shoes! Very important matters. Right, so, back to it. My family and I were invited to a wedding in Geneva this past weekend so of course began the race to put together a couple of proper outfits. I didn’t feel like going the evening dress route so I landed on this beauty of a skirt from No.21, a vintage top from Versace and your BAM of the day, these beauties. For the second day I also planned an outfit which you will not see today because A. I forced my husband to take these gorgeous pictures when the light was just right in the morning while he was… tired? Nah, I’ll just say it, he was hungover. Hungover like I haven’t seen for a while. And B. on the third day, no matter how fast I packed, there was just no time for another shoot. Another bit of info to show you how much I love you guys, there was a round glass table by the window that I had to move, that had extremely sharp legs, that I cut my foot on, plastered on a bandaid and twirled around in these beauties. All for you.

Hehe. Anyway. About Geneva! So, its expensive. And the fall of the Euro doesn’t help! A bit of an extravagent example (but still worthy), a turtleneck sweater from Dior that costs 900 Euro here in Monaco will cost you 1,300 Francs in Geneva. That’s 1,193 Euro. So, not a shopping destination unless you are buying from local brands. Food of course is no exemption. I love Lebanese food, I don’t get enough of it here in Monaco! And when I looked at restaurants in our area, I knew we had to go to Arabesque in the Hotel President Wilson (p.s great hotel, great breakfast selection!).

Geneva Arabesque

Arabesque, source: hotelpresidentwilson.com

Now, because I was a lazy little shit this trip and barely took any pictures for you guys, I had to take this one from grandpa Google. Anyway, the food was amazing. Just really, really ridiculously amazing! Even if you haven’t experienced Lebanese cuisine yet, don’t worry! They have two tasting menu’s available (which is what we ordered), you get to try everything, and it’s not too much. Did I mention they include dessert? Yea, they include dessert. And I’m not a dessert person! I love my carbohydrates too much. But these desserts were the desserts of my childhood, including Baklava. Mmm, baklava. It’s heavenly.

Excuse my rambling its near midnight snack time and I need to go to sleep before I end up too close to the refrigerator and have to convice myself to walk away, walk far away.

Geneva window look

Top: vintage Versace, skirt: No.21, shoes: Christian Louboutin

So I think I’ve rambled on just enough this time. Now it’s your turn! Have you been to Geneva? Have any questions? Let me know in the comments!


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