London: Backstage Gala

Hi guys! This has been an exciting month with all the traveling. Just got back to London and in time to attend an amazing charity event, ‘The Backstage Gala’. Organized by the one and only Natalia Vodianova for her charity the Naked Heart Foundation. Set up by Vodianova in 2004, the Naked Heart Foundation aims to construct modern play parks for children living in urban areas of Russia. Some of the play parks are built at orphanages, children’s hospitals and rehabilitation centers in over 103 cities and towns across Russia. I truly admire her passion and dedication to this cause.

The Backstage Gala was inspired by Russian ballet and was an event that commemorated the 20 year career of Diana Vishneva, one of Russia’s premier ballerinas. Vishneva also gave an incredible performance. I have been dancing ballet since I was a small girl and have been a huge fan of the art all my life so this event held a special meaning. To have this experience was truly an honor. The gala was held onstage at the Coliseum Theatre in London. For the first time I was able to see the theatre from the stage, it was just superb. As a fashion and beauty enthusiast, I got so excited when I spotted Charlotte Tilbury at a neighboring table and absolutely had to meet her! She was super cool, sweet and approachable. I had a wonderful conversation with her which made me admire her even more. It was a beautiful night full of magical moments and I feel so honored to share this with you!


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