Good prospects: Stuart Vevers Reinvents Coach

Coach, oh my, Ccccoach. Lets take a moment to thank the fashion Gods for the new Executive Creative Director of Coach, Stuart Vevers. I know, I know, in this world, a breakthrough Fall 2014 collection is not news when the Spring/Summer 2015 shows are almost over. BUT. There is this coat. OMG omg omg. This coat. My husband was even making fun of me when he saw my face as I looked at the advertisement for the 15th time.

I mean, its like all of my daydreaming of an affordable, big, fluffy, cozy coat. All in one. Ok I really had to get that out of my system. Lets focus on the rest of the collection, but keep glancing back at this beauty every so often. The urban hiker boot, which comes in black and saffron and retails for, wait for it, $395. No, your eyes are not deceiving you. Also, uhh, back to the coat for a sec? It retails fo $1,995. For freakin’ shearling.

This is a very pleasant shock because may I remind you that a similar coat from a European luxury brand would only start at about twice this much? Vevers totally respected the fact that Coach is an American brand. He stated, “it is about rediscovering what is unique about Coach, and that led me straight to America. I did not want to do a version of European luxury.” Bravo!

To be honest, I was never a Coach fan, and it’s unlikely I will purchase the item that it made it’s name from, the handbag. This one I see that’s being paired with the boots is “cool” and all, but I love the clothes, and these boots. The rest of the collection is pretty good. Its not meant to be an innovative, conceptual collection, and that’s a good thing. Coach needs to sell sell sell. It’s stock was down 40% this year. The brand had become stale, it had lost it’s identity. Enter Vevers, and a contemporary, wearable collection at an affordable price.


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