The Mix Masters: Top Designers School Us In Print

Fashion is a melting pot of rules, guidelines, do’s-and-dont’s, trends and rebellion. Everything is collectively celebrated and mocked all at the same time, everybody wants to stand out but conform. Nothing can represent this feeling better than the seemingly clashing prints of Autumn/Winter 2014. From Dries Van Noten to MSGM to Chanel, the designers have let the innocent pastels of last season take a back seat to bold and beautiful patterns with everything from stripes and plaids, to floral and animal prints.

Dries Van Noten

Quantum Of Style - The Mix Masters Dries Van Noten SkirtQuantum Of Style - The Mix Masters Dries Van Noten


Quantum Of Style - The Mix Masters ChanelQuantum Of Style - The Mix Masters Catwalk

Peter Pilotto

Quantum Of Style - The Mix Masters Peter Pilotto Banner

At first glance it all seems a bit crazy, key word being «seems» because if you pay attention to the base colors, you will see that they are actually analogous or complimentary colors; nothing random here. For example Dries’ yellow/blue/green sweater and the blue/grey/pink pants combination. The background colors of these two pieces are analogous colors, as well as the statement colors in these pieces (the yellow of the sweater and the pink of the pants) are next to each other on the color wheel. This is why although it seems to clash because its an unexpected combination of prints, somehow it works because these colors belong together.

For Chanel, the looks were built from the ground up. The accessories were all about the contrasting colors, whilst the clothes were all analogous. This is the most democratic collection from Karl yet, yet the boldness of it keeps it miles away from boring. 

Peter Pilotto’s collection was not favored by some, who dubbed it «sensory overload». However I think that is writing off this beautiful collection too easily. Pilotto and Christopher De Vos clearly have a very deep understanding of color and more importantly the courage to make beautiful pieces of clothing. These are the ones that will stand out in your closet. The geometric shapes clearly inspired by skyscrapers make the three coats I featured here classics. Not for everyday wear sure, but a statement piece is a statement piece. The muted yellow/pale blue/black and white color combinations of the scarf and coat are just breathtaking. Would you be able to resist paying a compliment to whomever you saw wearing it? I wouldn’t.

Overall the lesson here seems to be to let your inner child run free this season, because the only thing that is letting normcore exist is not having the courage to have fun with fashion by being too concerned with the judgements of others!


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