I AM Studio: Effortlessly Cool and Made in Russia

I AM Studio is a Russian brand founded by Dasha Samkovich. The streamlined designs intrigue the eye, and as soon as I discovered that the clothes are actually made in Russia and accessories/shoes in Europe, it was the beginning of a love affair.

I felt a sense of pride and knew immediately that I would be coming back to this brand, knowing that they rejected the idea of having the clothes be made somewhere else for cheap, sacrificing not only the quality but also this brands’ input into the slow growth of the Russian fashion industry. Quality materials and craftsmanship are key, along with a reasonable price tag – we need more brands like this!

The SS15 collection is all about the best years of one’s life. The I AM heroine this summer is a vibrant, fresh faced college graduate who has set her sights on success, even if she is a little naive. The universally flattering pastels (a personal favorite) fill the color palette of this collection, with a few exceptions of fiery red and black.

As for the silhouette you can see there is some very welcomed variety. The first dress I chose, made out of perforated cotton, will only serve to enhance your curves or even create them! These are the dresses that I Live. For. Unfortunately this silhouette, with the exception of Dolce&Gabbana, has mostly been on the outs, and it is depressing. Thankfully, Dasha Samkovich has head my prayers!

iamstudio perforated cotton dress

Perforated Cotton Dress

Perforated Cotton Dress Price: 8600 Russian Rubles ≈ $154

Another highlight of this collection is the gorgeous boxy silhouette; super modern and freeing, and is all over this collection. I also appreciate that the look book gives you ideas on different ways in which to wear the dresses, for example the silk purple dress with side slits, the texture is so light that its possible to layer a sweater over and not have it be bulky.

I AM Studio dress with side slits

Dress with side slits

Dress with side slits Price: 8300 Russian Rubles ≈ $149

Here are my top picks from I AM Studio SS15. To explore this brand further check out their website (unfortunately only available in Russian: iam-store.ru)

iamstudio textured jumper

Textured Jumper

Textured Jumper Price: 5900 Russian Rubles ≈ $106

iamstudio slip dress

Slip Dress

Slip Dress Price: 7500 Russian Rubles ≈ $135

i am studio textured dress

Textured Dress

Textured Dress Price: 9200 Russian Rubles ≈ $177

What are your thoughts of this collection? Too girly? Too trendy? Too good? I want to know!


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