Charbel Zoe

I am very lucky girls! On my trip to LA I got to meet the talented, up and coming Lebanese designer Charbel el-Khoury (Charbel Zoé Couture). A little background on El-Khoury, from a young age he was influenced by his grandmother’s impeccable style, implementing her unique touch on the dresses he created for dolls. Like many designers hoping to break into the fashion world, he travelled to Paris and ended up studying between Paris and Lebanon. Not long after, Givenchy came calling as well as Ugo Zaldi and many other international Lebanese designers. Winning the 2013 Emerging Women’s Wear Designer prize at Miami Fashion Week really shot Charbel Zoé Couture to stardom. He is an absolute sweetheart with a big heart. With the help of some of my dear friends I was able to find and locate Charbel and on top of that (like that wasn’t enough already), Charbel agreed to make a very special bespoke dress for me, which you will have to wait till September to finally see. I flew to LA with my one and only big sister to meet and great with him, have my first fitting and attend his LA store opening. As I entered the boutique i was mesmerised by the designs and their glamour. I am a sparkle fanatic, I actually thought I died and went to sparkle heaven! Charbel is able to create the sexiest and most flattering dresses that serve to enhance your beauty, not overpower. His designs accentuate you and the dresses complement the women herself. Walking around the boutique I could not help myself and had to play dress up. I was able to try on all of his dresses that my heart desired and feel them on my skin. I of course HAD to put on the famous JLO dress. That was a must!!! Not going to lie, felt pretty awesome just like JLO :). Charbel is able to mix sex, glamour and class in one and make you truly feel beautiful in your own skin.

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