Turbans: From Haute Couture to High-Street


Summer is still going strong, but the September issues are all just a few weeks away. I am already lusting after cropped cashmere sweaters and shearling in any form, so its time to consider our head heating options, too. Nothing can compare to the most alluring and ancient of all the statement accessories, the Turban.

For centuries turbans had been worn almost exclusively by Sikhs, then Paul Poiret came along and began topping off his creations with them in the early twentieth century. Ever since, turbans have been regularly strolling back into editorials and collections (recall Prada’s Spring 2007 show). 

Ulyana Sergeenko

Ulyana Sergeenko

My love affair with turbans started many years ago, on Tumblr. At first it was photos of Old Hollywood starlets, black and white perfection; the epitome of glamour. However, it was difficult to translate that feeling into a wearable look, so for a while the turban was merely a fixture of my fashion fantasies (I finally found one I liked on a trip to Dubai). Now, though, they’re back again and ready to rock our beanie obsession. Available in everything from silk to jean, it’ll transform your boring black turtleneck days into the stuff of daydreams.

Alas, not all turbans are created equal. Here are some designers to check out, from haute couture to high street:

  • Donia Allegue Turbans is a Parisian House of Milinery, mainly focusing on turbans
  • Jennifer Behr luxury hair accessories, handmade in New York
  • ASOS regularly does turbans, especially for Autumn
  • Etsy is another great place to look

Expert tip: never purchase a turban made of synthetic materials, you will want to rip it off, quick.

Quantum Of Style - Wrap It Up

As for the makeup, the turban commands a certain amount of glamour and polish and although I totally advocate wearing it in the daytime, the face needs to be made up just a little for the whole look to come together. For example a soft smokey eye, or a stroke of liquid liner – which always does the trick for me. If the rest of your outfit is quite monochrome, try a bright lip! You will not regret it.

Your foundation routine tends to be a sensitive issue for many people and in that spirit I will not be advising you to simply use a light tinted moisturizer, that always seemed a little pretencious to me. But I will take this oppurtunity to recommend an amazing foundation from Yves Saint Laurent! My skin got shiny after a whole five hours with this baby; that’s some magic right there. Have you experimented with turbans? I would love to see all the fabulousness, dont be greedy!


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