Top Five Flattering One-Piece Swimsuits

I come to you with an urgent matter. Urgent! In this life there are moments when you feel compelled to look up at the sky and thank the fashion Gods for a trend that is particularly appealing on your body or something that you have been obsessed with for forever, which is now available in a wide range of colours and designs, everywhere. I am still awaiting for this miraculous event to happen with the turban (although maybe some accessories are best left not sensationalised?) But it has happened with the one-piece swimsuit! Plainly put this brings me happiness for several reasons, the first being that bikini’s have dominated since the 2000’s and change is always welcomed; also though because there is something really sexy in being just a bit more covered up and not to mention its just so chic. Aesthetically those are my views but of course as with many aspects of how we dress ourselves there are personal reasons, too. We all have a long history with insecurities towards our bodies and I am no exception. And if making a simple change in your dress can make you feel a little bit better about yourself in our image obsessed culture, then I say embrace that with full force. Lets leave it at that and get back to the fun part where I show you my latest finds and my expert (from many, many failed bathing suit fittings) opinion!

Drumroll, please. I found a perfect white one piece that covers what I need covered, supports what needs support and leaves the rest to breathe, and dun dun dun, its totally affordable.

Zara white one-piece swimsuit

Zara Pique lace-up swimsuit

Zara Pique Lace-Up Swimsuit

I originally saw this online and was intrigued but never ordered because for my body type and frequency of travelling I just cannot get behind shopping online. Today though a friend of mine and I wandered in and I spotted this simple, white beauty right away. I tried it on and magic happened, it was not small around my hips! This is actually my biggest problem with one pieces, they are either too small on hips, do not accentuate the waist or provide little to no support for the bust, or have a halter top that brings substantial pain to my neck after about an hour of wear. The fabric felt exceptionally stretchy and overall was revealing enough to still make me feel sexy. Also, not to brag on for too long (even though I am pretty much there already) but it is very easy to take on and off, and there is nothing worse than standing at those disgusting public beach toilets and having to get yourself in and out of some complicated architectural contraption obviously created as a cruel joke towards whomever would spent 10 minutes every time it was biologically necessary.

More on this protruding hips problem, why is it that many bathing suits are so horribly designed that it is not even remotely flattering on the model? I’m looking at you, thousands of high waisted bikini bottoms and ‘creative’ one pieces. Not hating on the theory, and I will admit that in some rare cases this is a beautiful and unique way to update your swimwear, but for the countless others, how did this happen? My advice is pay very close attention to how a certain style fits on the model, her body shape and it should give you an idea of how the suit will look on you.

An example of this difficult task being accomplished:

Marysia Palm Springs Bathing Suit

Marysia Palm Springs high waisted bottoms and extra support top $141 Per Piece

This year has definitely taught us that just because you are covering up more skin, does not mean that you are A: dressing too old for your age or B: are boring. I thank the resurgence of the 90s and its total takeover of our clothing, accessories and shoes for the one-piece.

Prism Samar cross-back swimsuit

Prism Samar cross-back swimsuit €190

Calling all our booty obsessed readers! This suit is cut quite high and is so perfect for showing off your legs and behind. It screams femininity with the baby pink colour but because of the high cut neck it essentially transforms your look into something super sporty. Definitely a unique, fresh purchase. If your not feeling this style I suggest to check out Prism anyway, I spotted some super chic sunglasses with transformative powers, oh yes!

Dolce & Gabbana floral print swimsuit

Dolce & Gabbana floral-print swimsuit $745

Such a beautiful print and extra kudos for the underwired cups! This was a tricky one for me because it is quite low cut on the hips, making it risky in terms of it affecting the length of your legs. So with that I recommend this splurge item for our readers on the taller end. Classic shape and a gorgeous eye-catching print? You cant go wrong with that combo!

Solid & Striped Ann-Marie swimsuit

Solid & Striped Ann-Marie striped swimsuit $160

My love for stripes of all colours is everlasting and when I saw these babies among the thousands of blah options I really woke up. They are so cute (for lack of a better word) and retro, yet totally compliment your figure and feel modern. I love them! Be sure to check out more options, like the baby pink striped one that is so delicious, at their site:

Lisa-Marie Fernandez Jasmine swimsuit

Lisa-Marie Fernandez Jasmine swimsuit $370

At first glance this bathing suit is pretty simple, albeit a beautiful fiery red, but overall pretty plain jane. But I kept coming back to it, was it the scuba-inspired zip fastening in the front that is so fabulously fresh and sporty? Maybe it was the Baywatch reference with a simple use of colour that I knew would look fabulous. Probably a combination of the two, but it doesn’t matter anymore, I am in love and its in the bag. Do you have any swim favourites that you could be so generous as to share?

Featured image: Karlie Kloss by Giles Bensimon for Vogue Paris May 2014, source:


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