Awesomely Unique Vintage Sunglasses, Guaranteed

I recently spent some time browsing through all 5,000+ accessories on my now favorite vintage shop, 1stdibs. ‘Some time’ is a bit laughable because it took me all freaking day, but hey, what else is a girl to do when she has the flu other than watch romantic comedies side by side while looking through gorgeous vintage pieces. Sunglasses are, like all accessories, a chance to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Quantum Of Style Chanel Sunglasses

How delicious are these futuristic Chanel ones from the 80s? Literally look at the world through rose colored glasses, but it’ll cost you $1,475. While this piece to me is probably the most special of all, I took it upon myself to hunt down some of the most original and wearable shades out there.

Quantum Of Style Dior Sunglasses

If the lens isn’t super dark, you can get a lot more wear out of a certain pair. For example this vintage Dior piece from the 70s that retails for $1,400. In autumn, they would look beautiful with a clean cut coat, or a plush fur.

Quantum Of Style Mercura

I know, I know, I just promised wearable but these are an exemption! When on the look out for original anything, vertigo is a likely side effect due to the massive amount of crystals, sequins and feathers you are bound to encounter. But when I stumbled upon these vintage Mercura NYC ones probably from the 70s – 80s, I saw myself at a whimsical ball, or just getting my morning coffee. Anyway, It was special, especially after being pleasantly surprised by the $375 price.

Quantum Of Style A-Morir Sunglasses

OK and we’re back. A-Morir is a company which makes almost exclusively unusual and elaborate sunglasses. I particularly favored this pair, which retail for $380, forgiving the crystals due to the badass spikes and the fact that instead of traditional temples its two chains, giving the illusion of two inch long spiked earrings.

Quantum Of Style Ulyana Sergeenko Sunglasses

If at A-Morir you have to search a bit for that perfect balance of creativity and wearable factor, Ulyana Sergeenko will make that much, much easier. I’m not even going to mention the fact that I basically worship her collections, I’ll save that gem for another time. When you are incorporating historic elements into your collection, there is a fine line between themed and a real, fresh take on something so old-school as traditional floral cross-stitching.

Quantum Of Style UlyanaSergeenko Portrait

This piece from the SS 2013 Haute Couture collection is exquisite. The rose colored lenses give it a 70s flower child feel, while the gold details totally add the fancy factor. For SS 2014 Haute Couture collection, Ulyana took the term ‘teardrop sunglasses’ and turned it on its head. Changing the shape to more of a cat eye, and adding an actual teardrop. Feminine, glamorous and unusual with a touch of mystery and edge, they are perfect.

Quantum Of Style 2013ss HauteCouture Sunglasses

All of these are perfect additions to any outfit, dress up a casual day or put a cherry on top of an already fabulous look; be more adventurous with your accessories! Personally I would add a simple turban and some biker boots for that perfect sought-after feel of edgy but graceful. What are some of your favorite sunglasses designers?


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