Get A Healthy Glow: 3 Best Self Tanners

3 Best Self Tanners out there: Tried and tested on ME!

Its summer time and we all want to looked fresh and golden but the sun damage is the worst thing for you skin. It caused wrinkles and sun spots and other bad things (which I don’t want to say). My trick to getting a fresh glow on my face is YES self-tanners. I know they can make you orange and that is true is you use the wrong ones and over apply. Over the years I have experimented and tries innumerous amount of self-tanners and have seen them evolve into good products. Here is my list of the ones I like and trust:

Clarines Face Drops: All skin Types

This simples and easy to use product is the first on my list and my staple product in my make up bag. What is so great about it is that you just add it to you own moisturizer, mix it in you hand and simply apply every morning with your morning routine. It allows you to maintain constant color and build it as you wish. For light color add 1 drop, medium color 2 drops and deeper color 3 drops and the tan will develop with in an hour or so. It is great for sensitive and acne prone skin as its very gentle and will not cause irritation. I myself have sensitive, acne prone skin and I never had an issue. It allows you to use your daily products and not have to compromise. This product I swear by. It is well prices and the little bottles last for months. Best price value.

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James Read, Express Glow Mask for the face: Dryer Skin

James Read specializes only in self tanners and is very good at it. As it is always grey in London he even has a selftaning studio in Harvey Nickles where you can get a nice spray tan when you are going to a gala or just want to be golden. This product is good as it gives you a healthy glow with out being to dark or orange, the color is very mild and is buikdable to your desire. This product is good for dryer skin and I found it a bit more nourishing then others. It is easy to apply and can be applied morning or evening. I would recommend to do it before bed time so you can get up with a nice golden tan. This cream is medium prive range and gives a good result.

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Sisley Self Tanner for the Face: all skin types

Sisley has been one of my favorite cosmetics lines for a while. Their products do not irritate the skin and truly do wonders. The selftaner for the face is of good texture and is not greasy or rich. It also provided anti-aging properties. So you kill 2 birds with one stone. Best applied before bed time and the color developed overnight. The color can be build up but it does give more color then the two above. Little goes a long way. It does not go orange or yellow, it really gives a nice healthy tan. The only negative is that it is expensive but while worth it.

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